2023 Mission Activities Summary

The official statement of the Mission Committee, adopted by the Board of Trustees, recommends to the Board tangible ways for the church to show God’s love through outreach locally, nationally, and internationally. The committee does this through awareness, education, providing mission opportunities, and listening. We kept our strong historic relationships with many missions we have supported in the past and have developed new relationships with other agencies. Our focus remains with Christian organizations assisting children and families.


In 2023, the church board funded a budget for the Mission Committee of $60,000, which represents 10% of the church’s Operating Fund. With the board’s approval and your kind generosity, funds were distributed to the following agencies:


Save the Family                                                          $10,000

Sunshine Acres                                                           $10,000

NPH USA/Friends of the Orphans          $10,000

Samaritan’s Purse                                                   $10,000 (designated for hurricane relief in Turkey/Syria)

Samaritan’s Purse                                                   $10,000 (designated for Israel Relief)

Center for Christian Education                   $   9,550

The Pad Project                                                          $       450 (for purchase of supplies)


The “Legacy Endowment Fund” is separate from the Operating Fund. The Community Church of the Verdes Board of Trustees established the Fund to expand and enrich the mission of the congregation, to initiate new ministries or significantly expand the scope of existing ministries. The Board annually distributes 5% of the value to further the purpose of the Fund as described above. The Mission Committee is instrumental in this search, and in 2023, the Board approved the Committee’s recommendation to give $16,500 to Kafka House (formerly Plaster House.)


In addition, due to generous donations from our congregation for our Monthly Mission Drives, we continued to support our local community.  In 2023, we collected for Justa Center, Sunshine Acres, Save the Family, Thrive, The Pad Project, Extended Hands Food Bank, Fountain Hills Food Closet, The Dignity Drive, and partnered with St. Dominic’s Catholic Mission for Andre House.


Many volunteer hours are freely given by our church members.  Agencies receiving their time and talents include, but not limited to: Sunshine Acres, St. Vincent De Paul, Extended Hands Food Bank, Fountain Hills Food Closet, Thrive, Pad Project, Prayer Shawl Ministry, AA, PAL, Stephen Ministry, Verde Cares, Habitat for Humanity, Andre House, Verdes Community Christmas Project, and Salvation Army. 


We are blessed with so many who are willing to give and provide a better life for the less fortunate.  There are always opportunities and missions that need our “hands on” support as well as financial resources. We’ve got some exciting ones coming up in 2024.  Thank YOU for all you do!  YOU are a true blessing to others!  The members of the Mission Committee and the Board of Trustees look forward to continuing and expanding our mission and outreach work in 2024.  With your gracious support, I am sure that we shall succeed.


Faithfully submitted,


Karla Lalim

Mission Committee Chairperson


The Community Church of the Verdes is committed to sharing the gifts which have been given to us with those beyond the walls of our building and our local community. To that end we support a number of agencies each year (with a special emphasis on supporting children and families) and invite those agencies to join us in worship to share information about their work. Currently we provide various types of support including financial, needed food and necessities, and volunteer support to:

Sunshine Acres Children's Home  (sunshineacres.org)  

NPH USA  (nphusa.org)

Save the Family  (savethefamily.org)

The Pad Project, Too Little Children (toolittlechildren.org/pad-project)

St. Vincent de Paul  (stvincentdepaul.net)

Outward Bound  (outwardbound.org)

Reigning Grace Ranch  (azrgr.org)

Center for Christian Education  

Fellowship of Christian Athletes  (azfca.org)

Homeward Bound (www.homewardboundaz.org)

Chaplaincy for the Homeless, Homeless ID Project  (azhomeless.org)

Crisis Nursery (childcrisisaz.org)

Andre House  (andrehouse.org)

Extended Hands Food Bank (efhb.org)

Water for Our World  (waterforourworld.com)

Justa Center (justacenter.org)

In addition we join together with the wider community each year to support a Habitat for Humanity building program, which was initiated by our Church over a decade ago and has the distinction of being one of the longest continuing Habitat programs in America.

Do you have extra time?  Many of the missions we support can always use volunteers: Sunshine Acres (480-832-2014 / sunshineacres.org); Save the Family (480-898-0228 / savethefamily.org); St. Vincent de Paul (602-266-4673 / stvincentdepaul.net) and Reigning Grace Ranch (480-466-2154 / infor@azrgr.org.)   For more information, contact these agencies directly.