Mission Activities

2022 Mission summary

The Community Church of the Verdes is committed to sharing the gifts which have been given to us with those beyond the walls of our building and our local community. To that end we support a number of agencies each year (with a special emphasis on supporting children and families) and invite those agencies to join us in worship to share information about their work. Currently we provide various types of support including financial, needed food and necessities, and volunteer support to:

Sunshine Acres Children's Home  (sunshineacres.org)  

NPH USA  (nphusa.org)

Save the Family  (savethefamily.org)

The Pad Project, Too Little Children (toolittlechildren.org/pad-project)

St. Vincent de Paul  (stvincentdepaul.net)

Outward Bound  (outwardbound.org)

Reigning Grace Ranch  (azrgr.org)

Center for Christian Education  

Fellowship of Christian Athletes  (azfca.org)

Homeward Bound (www.homewardboundaz.org)

Chaplaincy for the Homeless, Homeless ID Project  (azhomeless.org)

Crisis Nursery (childcrisisaz.org)

Andre House  (andrehouse.org)

Extended Hands Food Bank (efhb.org)

Water for Our World  (waterforourworld.com)

Justa Center (justacenter.org)

In addition we join together with the wider community each year to support a Habitat for Humanity building program, which was initiated by our Church over a decade ago and has the distinction of being one of the longest continuing Habitat programs in America.

Do you have extra time?  Many of the missions we support can always use volunteers: Sunshine Acres (480-832-2014 / sunshineacres.org); Save the Family (480-898-0228 / savethefamily.org); St. Vincent de Paul (602-266-4673 / stvincentdepaul.net) and Reigning Grace Ranch (480-466-2154 / infor@azrgr.org.)   For more information, contact these agencies directly.