Memorial Garden

Our garden was dedicated in 1990 to provide a resting place for the interment of ashes or simply a memorial plaque. 

The kindest thing you can do for your spouse and family is to be prepared in advance.  Contact the Church office at 480-471-7239 to schedule a time to meet with a member of the Memorial Garden Committee.

Eligibility for the Memorial Garden

Who can purchase a memorial plaque and whose ashes may be placed to final rest in the memorial garden?

  • Current and former members of the church and their immediate family
  • Current and former pastors of the church
  • Residents of Rio Verde and Tonto Verde
  • Others upon application, will be considered and approved by the Board of Trustees

Please contact the office at 480-471-7239 to schedule a meeting with one of our Memorial Garden Committee members if you are interested in purchasing a niche or a wall plaque. 

In March, 2021 the Memorial (Plaque) Wall was renovated.  The original plaques which were cemented on the wall were removed, the wall was power-washed, repaired, and repainted.  A new frame structure for the plaques was installed and all of the existing plaques were replaced.