Memorial Garden

Our garden was dedicated in 1990 to provide a resting place for the interment of ashes or simply a memorial plaque. What brought you to the Verdes?  If you ask ten people you are likely to get ten different answers.  The point is you keep coming back and you encourage your friends and family to visit.  Isn't it appropriate to leave a memory of your presence in your garden?

The kindest thing you can do for your spouse and family is to be prepared in advance.  Contact the Church office at 480.471.7239 to schedule a time to meet with a member of the Memorial Garden Committee.

Eligibility for the Memorial Garden

Who can purchase a memorial plaque and whose ashes may be placed to final rest in the memorial garden?

  • Current and former members of the church
  • The nuclear family: spouse, children, (natural or adopted), stepchildren and their spouses, of a member or former member who is interred in the Garden
  • Current and former ministers of the church
  • Residents of Rio Verde and Tonto Verde
  • Others upon application, considered and approved by the Board of Trustees