We have both Regular Members (for those who consider us their primary church home) and Associate Members (for those who consider us their secondary church home).  Each individual makes this decision based upon his/her willingness to enter into covenant with the church. Financial support for our church is by voluntary contributions from members and friends. If you are interested in joining, please contact Rev. Dr. Cathy Northrup at or stop by the office!

March 10, 2024, we welcomed 20 new members.

Pictured: Janice Bachrach, Pat Peterson, Neil Peterson, Beth Hanzal, Diane Bloem, Dewayne Bloem, Frank Bennett, Lori Bennett, Ward Stout, Marz Doerflinger, Sue Peterson, Michele Naumes, Ned Naumes, Jackie Williams, Rod Bulcher and Karen Egan.  

Not pictured: Brenda Bulcher, Dori Hendrickson, and Ric Doerflinger. 


November 5, 2023, we welcomed 9 new members. 

Pictured:  Brian McDonald, Kristin McDonald, Marilyn Ulrich, Beth Knuths, Jon Knuths, Joan Reynolds. 

Not pictured:  Eric and Gail Wilk, and Jack Duff.


March 19, 2023 we welcomed 6 new members. 

Pictured: Scott Johnson, Kristen Johnson, Pat Strachan, Wendy Holly, Cliff Holly. 

Not pictured: Andrea Kuehn.

November 21, 2021, we welcomed 33 members. 

Front row: Jim Van Houten, JeanneKay Van Houten, Terri Meyers, Vicki Esbensen, Dixie Kraght, Barbara Rago, and Steve Rago.

Second row: Rich Doyle, Judy Stansbury, Karen Ellis, Pam Shorter, Chuck Gallagher, Jean Hurt, Bill Hurt, and Elaine Betsch.

Back row: John Cole, Sue Cole, Denny Meyers, Bob Edwards, Jared Reisinger, Barbara Reisinger, Angela Jorgenson, and Keith Betsch.

Not pictured: Scott and Sandra Rake, Hunter and Julie Peacock, Bill and Nancy Morgan, Cheryl Smith, Al and Jane Duffield, and Karen Stephens.

November 20, 2022 we welcomed 11 new members. 

Front Row: Brad and Rachel Miller (with Williams and Cody), Anna Marie and Tom Ryan. 

Back row: Debbie Luczynski; Donna Angiollio, Carol Wallman, Tom Reinarts.

Not pictured Elry Wallman, Barbara and Jerry Mattson. 

New Members March 13, 2022

Front row: Lita Hitchcock, Karen Hedstrom, Mary Derby, Dick Derby. Back Row: Spencer Butts, Gary Hedstrom, Jennifer Ristau.  

Not pictured:  Tom and Sandra Shanley, Wendy Patry.