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2021-2022 Fellowship, Concerts, Lectures, and Events

All are welcome to join for fellowship hour in Founders Hall after worship each Sunday! 

Lecture and Concert Schedule
December 03, 2021             7 pm  Concert: All McCartney
                                              Featuring the musical legacy of Sir Paul McCartney
January 7, 2022                  7 pm  Concert: The Black Market Trust
                                             American traditional Pop/Vocal Jazz
January 10, 2022               4 pm  Speaker: Dave Meyers
                                            Africa Mission Group
January 17, 2022                4 pm  Speaker: Kelly Pearson, MD
                                            “Skin Conditions and Treatments in the Desert Climate”
January 22, 2022                 8:30 am  Retreat for Men and Women: Vince & Cindy D’Acchoioli
                                            “Draw Near to God and He Will Draw Near to You”
February 7, 2022                 4 pm  Speaker:  Tiffany Lam
                                             AZ/Attorney General’s Office “Consumer Scams and Identity Theft”
February 11, 2022              7 pm  Concert: Miller, Miller, Martin & Ki

                                              4 vocalists, 3 guitars and all styles of music
February 28, 2022             4 pm  Speaker: Rick Green
                                            “The Biblical Aspects of the US Constitution”                          
March 21, 2022                  4 pm  Speaker: Richard Creager, Ph.D.
                                             “Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer”
March 21, 2022                  5 pm  Spring Fling Dinner

    Event Recordings

    DVD's of many of the past lectures are available in the Library.