Our Facilities

The Community Church of the Verdes was formed in 1980.  Early services were first conducted in the Country Club, and later in the original Community Center building, which was completed in 1983.  Our church site was purchased in 1987.  Ground breaking began in 1988 and the original church was dedicated in January of 1989.  Prior to the church being constructed, an agreement was reached with our Catholic neighbors to share the church and expenses, although at the insistence of the archbishop, ownership was left in the hands of the Protestants.  In 1990, a Columbarium or Memorial Garden was added to the church property.  Niches are sold on a basis that provides perpetual care and maintenance. Church membership grew and a Church Expansion Committee was formed in 1997.  Money was pledged and a new campus with a 500 seat Sanctuary was designed.  Ground breaking began in June 1999, and the new Sanctuary, a 100-seat Chapel, and a large courtyard were dedicated in April 2000.  The Sanctuary is designed for overflow crowds by sending chancel sound to the Chapel and to the courtyard.  The structural design allows for ready construction of a 150-seat balcony.   The original church was converted to Founders' Hall and is used for fellowship after worship on Sunday, as well as for a variety of church functions.  Within Founders' Hall, there is a pastor's office, large administrative office and work area, a library, and additional meeting/office spaces.  There is also a room for Children's Sunday School (which doubles as a mission project room) as well as a formal Board Room.