Welcome to Community Church of the Verdes live worship... available via live streaming starting at 8:30 am each Sunday.  It will remain available on the website for viewing later.  Older recordings are available on our Facebook page, Community Church of the Verdes under videos.

The live feed will appear below a few minutes prior to the service.  You may need to refresh the screen to see the video image.  Once worship begins, hover your mouse/cursor over the video near the bottom right hand corner and click on the sound icon to turn on or adjust the sound level.  You may also need to adjust the volume on your PC or laptop speakers.  There is also an icon that will allow you to view in full screen.  We recommend that you use Google Chrome for your browser. Thank you for joining us!

To assist in tracking our attendance, please click on "Online Attendance" (on the left hand side of your screen), and complete the Fellowship form.  Thank you! 


Click here to access the July 24, 2022 Bulletin

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The June 5, 2022 video of our Sunday Services is not available for viewing.  A community power outage prevented us from using our sanctuary audio visual equipment.  A printed version of the sermon has been posted to the website under Sermons.  Click here to access the June 5, 2022 Bulletin.