Columns & Quizzes

Bi-monthly, Rev. Dr. Cathy Northrup publishes a column along with a quiz, developed by Ken Vos, in the Fountain Hills Times.  You can view each by clicking the word Column or Quiz below:

07/22/2020:  "Kindness" Column and Quiz

07/08/2020:  "Patience" Column and Quiz

06/24/2020:  "Peace" Column and Quiz

06/10/2020:  "Joy" Column and Quiz  

05/27/2020:  "Fruit of the Spirit" Column and Quiz

05/13/2020:  "Prayer" Column and Quiz

04/29/2020:  "Masks" Column and Quiz

04/15/2020:  "Courage" Column and Quiz

04/01/2020:  "Overcame" Column and  Quiz

03/18/2020:  "Reward or Forgiveness?" Column and Quiz

03/04/2020:  "Heaven and Hell" Column and Quiz

02/19/2020:  "You Are Never Lost" Column and Quiz

02/05/2020:  "Evil" Column and Quiz

01/22/2020:  "Suffering" Column and "Suffering" Quiz

01/08/2020:   "Worship" Column and "Worship" Quiz

12/25/2019:  "Christmas" Column and "Christmas" Quiz

12/11/2019:  "Our Church" Column and "Early Church" Quiz

11/27/2019:  "Born Anew" Column and "Born Anew" Quiz

11/13/2019:  "New Life" Column and "New Life" Quiz

10/30/2019:  "Forgiveness" Column and "Crucifixion" Quiz

10/16/2019:  "Follow Me" Column and "Follow Me" Quiz

10/02/2019:  "Joy" Column and "Joy" Quiz

09/18/2019:  "Let Me Tell You A Story" Column and "Let Me Tell You A Story" Quiz

09/04/2019:  "Exile" Column and "Exile" Quiz

08/21/2019:  "Listen" Column and "Listen" Quiz

08/07/2019:  "Rejection" Column and Quiz

07/24/2019:  "The Lord is God" Column and "The Lord is God" Quiz

07/10/2019:  "On Eagle's Wings" Column and "On Eagle's Wings" Quiz

06/12/2019:  "Trust" Column and "Trust" Quiz

06/04/2019:  "Let My People Go" Column and "Let My People Go" Quiz

05/29/2019:  "Remember" Column and "Remember" Quiz

05/01/2019:  "Promises" Column and "Promises" Quiz

04/17/2019:  "Do Not Be Afraid" Column and "Do Not Be Afraid" Quiz

04/03/2019:  "Go" Column and "Go" Quiz

03/20/2019:  "This Is Just the Beginning" Column and "This Is Just the Beginning" Quiz

03/06/2019:  "Never Again" Column and "Never Again" Quiz

02/20/2019:  "Garments of Grace" Column and "Garments of Grace" Quiz

02/06/2019:  "Where Are You" Column and "Where Are You" Quiz

01/23/2019: "Rest" Column and "Rest" Quiz

01/09/2019:  "Chaos" Column and Quiz



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